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Upgrade your outdoor deck with Ultrashield Naturale Range Composite Solid Square Edge Boards. Enjoy a long-lasting, low-maintenance deck with a clean and uniform look. These face-fix edging boards offer excellent value, are backed by impressive warranties and are crafted from 95% recycled materials for a splinter-free and eco-friendly experience.

Width: 138mm
Height: 23mm
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Introducing the Ultrashield Naturale Range Composite Solid Square Edge Board, your ticket to an exceptional outdoor deck! These boards offer excellent value with their solid edge design, ensuring a clean and uniform look for both the edges and the main deck area. With a 25-year residential warranty and a 10-year commercial warranty against fade, stain, rot, and split, these low-maintenance boards are built to last. Say goodbye to the hassles of painting and staining, as these face-fix edging boards are UV resistant and protected on all four sides. Crafted with 95% recycled materials, they also boast a splinter-free experience, making your deck a safe and sustainable haven. 

Key Features

  1. Solid square edge boards for a clean and uniform deck look
  2. 25-year residential warranty and 10-year commercial warranty against fade, stain, rot, and split
  3. Low maintenance, never requiring painting or staining
  4. Face-fix edging boards for easy installation
  5. Splinter-free and UV resistant, made from 95% recycled materials
  6. Protected on all four sides for enhanced durability


Brand NewTechWood
Length 3600mm
Width 138mm
Height 23mm
Weight 16KG
Colour Teak

What are square edge / solid edge boards used for?

Square-edge or solid-edge boards are primarily used for framing, facing, and constructing steps in deck building projects. Their smooth, uninterrupted surface without grooves allows for a seamless finish, ideal for creating a polished look on a deck.

What is the difference between square-edged boards and normal composite decking boards?

Square edge composite decking boards, or solid edge boards, differ from standard composite decking boards by their straight, squared-off edge profile. Unlike their grooved counterparts, which facilitate the use of hidden fastening systems, square edge boards provide a sleek and uninterrupted surface. This absence of grooves contributes to a clean and modern look and usually means they are screwed in through the top.

How do I install square edge boards?

We would recommend installing square edge boards by drilling pilot holes and securing them with stainless steel screws. We sell colour-matched screws for every shade of composite decking we sell. You can also attach the boards by routing sections along the board's side to accommodate hidden fasteners, but it would be easier to purchase the regular decking board version of this board!

Where do I begin?

Our awesome Decking Calculator will quickly figure out all the things you need for your decking project, plus you’ll get a guide made just for you.