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Hidden mini clips locks boards in place with a 5mm gap. for secure and controlled decking for expansion and contraction. Pack of 50.

Pack quantity: 50
Size: 100mm x 100mm x 100mm
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  • SKU: TC1

Achieve a seamless and secure deck surface with the Ultrashield Decking Locking Clip - TC-1 - 5mm Gap. This pack of 50 hidden mini clips provides part of a secret fixing system, ensuring a clean and uniform appearance for your deck. The TC-1 clip locks each board in place while allowing for breathability, enabling expansion and contraction to prevent warping, distortion, or buckling from movement. Crafted with precision, these locking clips guarantee a stable and durable deck, providing the necessary support for years of outdoor enjoyment. 

Key Features

  1. Secret Fixing System: The Ultrashield Decking Locking Clip - TC-1 offers a hidden fixing system, delivering a clean and uniform deck surface without visible fasteners.
  2. Controlled Expansion and Contraction: The TC-1 clip controls the direction in which boards expand and contract, preventing warping or buckling from movement.
  3. Secure and Stable: Crafted with precision, these locking clips securely hold each deck board in place, providing reliable support for your outdoor space.

Create a stunning and stable deck with the Ultrashield Decking Locking Clip - TC-1. Achieve a secret fixing system and optimal deck performance.


Brand NewTechWood
Length 100mm
Width 100mm
Height 100mm
Weight 1KG
Pack quantity 50