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Hybrid adhesive for securing "Retrogrip Silver Anti-Slip Inserts" (sold separately) to timber decking, enhancing safety and preventing slips. Easy application.

Size: 300mm x 60mm x 60mm
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Enhance the safety and grip of your timber decking with RetroGrip Adhesive. Specifically designed as a hybrid adhesive, it offers a strong and reliable bond when attaching "Retrogrip Silver Anti-Slip Inserts" (sold separately) into the grooves of timber decking boards. This adhesive ensures a secure and long-lasting installation, providing an effective anti-slip solution for your outdoor space. Whether you're revitalising an existing deck or constructing a new one, RetroGrip Adhesive is the perfect choice to create a slip-resistant surface, giving you peace of mind and confidence in every step.

Key Features

  1. Hybrid Adhesive: RetroGrip Adhesive is formulated as a high modulus, hybrid polymer adhesive, ensuring a strong and durable bond for attaching "Retrogrip Silver Anti-Slip Inserts" to timber decking boards.
  2. Enhanced Safety: By securely fixing anti-slip inserts into the grooves, this adhesive significantly improves the traction and grip of your decking, reducing the risk of slips and falls.
  3. Easy Application: RetroGrip Adhesive is designed for easy and efficient application, making your installation process seamless and hassle-free.

Make your decking safer and slip-resistant with RetroGrip Adhesive, the perfect partner for "Retrogrip Silver Anti-Slip Inserts" (sold separately).


Brand Decking Supplies
Length 300mm
Width 60mm
Height 60mm
Weight 1KG